Our offer

We quote prices of selected services provided by our company. Thanks to them you will be able to evaluate by yourself average cost of repair.

Exemplary prices

Labour cost for a car with two-wheel drive
1000 PLN
(removal of a gearbox, replacement, repair)
Labour cost for a car with four-wheel drive
(removal of a gearbox, replacement, repair)
Labour cost for large gearbox in a bus, special equipment, lorry.
2000 - 4000 PLN
Repair of hydraulic controller
600 PLN
Recovery of hydrodynamic coupling
650 - 1250 PLN
30 - 100 PLN
Oil change
free of charge
Computer diagnostics
free of charge
Evaluation of damages in case of delivered, dismounted gearbox from a personal car
150 PLN
Towing up to 50km
free of charge

Time of gearbox repair usually equals to 3-5 working days. In some cars a general overhaul of an automatic gearbox is done within 1 day. We always grant a written guarantee for the service delivered. It amounts to 1 year in case of using original spare parts, 6 months for non original ones.
If only gearbox disassembly and reassembly is ordered the service cost depends on time spent and ranges from 400 PLN to 1200 PLN.

Electronics is an inseparable element of each car. Unfortunately it fails frequently and finding a reason of such failure and its removal is often very problematic.

In order to face such challenge our company is equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment. Thanks to our scanners we are able to test most of vehicles driven in our country. Right after delivery a car is tested and frequently just then, after examination and read-out of electronic working parameters of a gearbox we are able to provide a diagnosis, stating range of works and repair costs.

If you wish to make the computer diagnostics you can do that in our company FREE OF CHARGE. It is enough to call and make an appointment, our consultant will examine your car and provide you with a competent advice.

We realize mail order selling of spare parts.
There is possibility of repair on credit.

Automatic gearbox repair diagnostics service
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We give 1 year warranty with no milage limit
W offer computer diagnostics free of charge
Free towing
Towing up to 50 km is for FREE