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Our company is a specialist for automatic gearboxes – service and repair of the automatic gearboxes as well as sales of spare parts and accessories for their repair. We have been acting on the market for over ten years. We have great experience and can offer reliable and complex service.

We do repairs of all kinds of automatic gearboxes in personal cars, utility vehicles, trucks and lorries (e.g. Mercedes, Scania, Volvo). We also repair automatic gearboxes installed in fork lifts, transporters, cranes and buses (e.g. Ikarus, Jelcz, Setra, Daf, Bova). We have great experience in repairing CVT gearboxes and Multitronic as well as Voith and Allison gearboxes.

We have wide range of recovered and second-hand gearboxes.
Time of repair of a personal car takes 3 to 5 days on the average. Selected models are repaired within 1 day. The service performed is granted a written guarantee.
In case of large gearboxes in buses, trucks or special equipment we are able to pick up the gearbox from Client’s premises with our own transport.
Automatic gearboxes - towing and transport 24HRS
0 507 729 698 Auto Józefów 05-420 Józefów ul. Cicha 7
For your convenience we offer our own transport to the Company.

Our driver is on duty 24 hrs/day and is able to help you in any moment.

Towing up to 50 km is free of charge.
In case of longer distances we charge 1,50 PLN for each driven kilometre.

Tel.: 0 507 729 698

Józefów near Warsaw, mazowieckie province – repair of automatic gearboxes, automatic gearbox.

In the first days of January 2009 we activated online forum in our website. We would like to invite everyone to visit, log on and participate in discussions. We tried to divide the forum into simple categories so as everybody could easily find subjects interesting for him. We would like to invite especially representatives of other companies dealing with repair of automatic gearboxes. Considering your experience and character of your work your knowledge is much wider than knowledge of other users, hence by sharing it you will be able to help many persons.

Sending our kind regards we invite you to the forum. Auto Józefów Team


The time to repair passenger car an average of 3 to 5 days. Selected models of the repair appointment within 1 day. For the service always give a written guarantee.

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